Do you think that the e-reader will replace books?



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    The tangibility of books is irreplaceable. Books are also more reliable and not subject to electronic failure. Many also prefer to read out of a book because it is simply faster and easier. While e-readers and internet books are going to play a large role in the future of literature, books will be around for a while. In the mean time, more digital literature means less trees will need to be harvested.

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    Unlike the failure of newspapers to their online counterparts, I do not believe e-readers will replace their tangible equivalents. Reading fictional thrillers, fantasies, and romances serve as an escape. While it makes things more convenient, I do believe the effort will still be made for people to sit down in their favourite place and curl up with a good (physical) book.

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    I definitely think so. It not only saves trees, but also also energy when the e-ink freezes. A few colleges, like Princeton are experimenting with the kindle right now and seems to be going great. They are starting to catch on and if the ipad uses e-ink in the future, than it will take off. 

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    Perhaps not fully, but I expect it to become the go-to choice for more and more people in the years to come. “Snail mail”, as it is often called, is being shunned in favor of email, etc., and I see no reason why this trend would not carry over into the book world.

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