Do you think that the dying off of the honey bees is still an important issue?



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    Yes, this is still a very current issue. There has been research released in the past few weeks, in fact, that a certain species of fly is actually invading bee hives and laying eggs inside of some breeder bees causing them the inability to reproduce. Bees are vital to pollinating many species of plants and without pollination, plants can not live. Bees are crucial to many native species of plants in numerous areas and without native plants, many animals can not survive as they provide food and shelter.

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    Yes, definitely. Not only is it a relatively new issue but it is one of importance. Without bees the prices of fruits and vegetables would by sky-rocketing high! Why would prices go up? Prices would be increased because there will be less fruit and vegetables to go around. It is a matter of supply and demand. The less there is of the in demand item then the more it will cost. I don’t know if it is just me but I think fruits and vegetables are expensive already. I cannot imagine the prices of frutis and vegetables if bees did not contribute to pollination.

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