Do you think that creationism should be taught in public schools?



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    Evidently you want an opinion. No. Creationism is religion.

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    I don’t think creationism belongs in public schools.  Because it’s based entirely on faith it can’t be challenged, studied, proven true or improved; there isn’t even anything to teach about that.  Ideally schools should be teaching students to think for themselves, not to blindly believe what any given person tells them to believe.

    We can prove evolution.  In addition, Ian Johnston gives this subject a pretty thorough treatment here.

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    I think people should learn as much as possible, but in an objective way. So I think it would be good if people were aware of different belief systems, just because it makes them more educated on all fronts. If a school teaches Creationism as a point of view or belief, then it should be taught along with other belief systems, and differentiated from evidence-based theories, such as evolution. People should be taught about Creationism, not taught to be a Creationist.

    I think it’s important for people to know that we live in a world with all different types of people who believe in all different types of things. I think learning about Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, etc can improve people intellectually, but no religious view should be taught as truth.

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    I totally agree with rigibson. Creationism is part of religious doctrine and is usually taught by the Church. Therefore, why would it need to be taught in a public school? Creationism taught in a parochial school, however, is a different story. That would be up to the school.

    In addition elifitz has a good point. Different religions should be taught in schools so that people can gain a better understanding of different religious and philosophical views. Philosophy especially needs a greater emphasis in our education system. 

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