Do you think that Corn ethanol or Algae biofuel will work better in the long run?



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    Between these two options I would guess that Algae biofuel will work better in the long run, once the technology becomes commercially and economically viable. Ethanol made from corn uses a lot of corn and therefore a lot of land, fertilizers, and resources and also depletes dietary consumption for humans and animals.

    Algae biofuel is a high yield fuel that is relatively simple to create from low land and water requirements. Algae trumps corn in that “production of bio oils for corn is around 145 kg/hectare/year, while Spirulina microalgae and diatom algae can produce up to 18,000 and 43,200 kg/hectare/year, respectively.” Algae does not produce waste like corn, is easy to transition into our fuel system, and consumes carbon dioxide in large quantities. If we can find a way to feed enough carbon dioxide to the algae and refine the technology then algae might be the answer we’ve been looking for.

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