Do you think that consumers will willingly pay more for green products?



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    For now, yes. ‘Going green’ has been widely covered in the media recently, and has the same buzzword hype around it like ‘recession.’ This makes it very easy for people to simply label something as ‘green’ and ‘not green’ and people will be more likely to buy the ‘green’ product in the interest of keeping with mainstream mentality.
    However, once the hipness and trendiness of green dies down a little, I think people will only pay more for green products if it can ultimately save them money. So, people may buy products like hybrid and electric cars or solar panels, which have a high upfront cost but can ultimately save money.

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      For some reason, my comment got cut off in the main page, but appears once you click on the comments. So keep in mind that there is a second part to my answer. Eventually, people will be smarter about what ‘green’ products they buy instead of buying green for the sake of an image.

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    Yes, if they can afford it. This is a consumer trend for middle-class and higher. I think to really make an impact environmentally the production of green products needs to become more cost-efficient for all segments of society to use.

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    Yes, I agree with kthurber that middle-class and higher incomes groups will willingly pay more for green products. And as a higher percentage of consumers buy green products, the prices should start to slowly come down as costs decrease for the green product manufacturers.

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