Do you think that composting will ever become mandatory?



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    Why not? It’s already mandatory in San Francisco and it has been proven to be successful. Other places like Seattle have also been composting for a while now.

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    Considering that many people live in big cities, I don’t see how it could be possible for everyone to have their own compost pile.  People who live in high-rise buildings, within a big city, have no place to keep a compost pile.  Potentially some apartment complexes could set up community compost piles, but I’m not sure how they could be utilized to benefit.  Yard Waste recycling bins are already popular in the United States and seem to serve the same function.

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      Actually, I think its very possible if people took initiative and put in the effort to make composting mandatory. I went to school in the city, and we were dedicated to composting. My school can be described as one of those “high-rise buildings” and we kept our compost bins on our roof top garden.

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    I’m going to have to agree with brettleverett. Something like that becoming mandatory is highly unlikely and just not practical. It’s also something that each community would have to decide to make mandatory or not, and while some cities (like the cited San Francisco) may be on board with that, many other cities less educated on the subject may not be so into the idea.

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    These answers are not answering the same question. The article linked by rumana says that it’s illegal to improperly use garbage and recycling bins. That does not mean you have to do your own composting. The answers above are correct in saying that it would be laughably inconvenient to force very apartment renter to have their own compost pile. A much more practical solution is to force everyone to take advantage of compost and recycling services.

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    I lived in Europe where the cities would charge you one euro per garbage bag, so the cost would be directly associated with the person who throws away the trash. You would be amazed how much would get recycled or composted because you wouldn’t have to pay the garbage tax.

    I believe that making composting mandatory without any benefits for the citizen will be very hard to implement, but combine it with a pay-for-your-waste system and there is no arson not to compost.

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    No, I don’t think it will ever be mandatory but like mentioned above it could become a economic incentive if we it is mandatory to pay per garbabe bag or pound.

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