Do you think companies spend too much money on concepts they will never bring to market?



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    I think concept cars are a good way to measure the quality of new ideas in terms of how the public will take them and lately how much good (or how much less bad) they can do for the environment.  Although some of them are pretty out-there.

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    As a future designer I think concepts are where people in the field can really get creative, without limitations they can let their fantasies run wild and come up with something truly revolutionary. Concepts serve as a learning platform for industries. Concepts are small enough investment to have no noticeable impact on the environment, but hold the possibility of being scaled up to mass production which can actually benefit the planet.

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    To not push the envelope for a company would destroy them.  You have to push concepts that as a whole may never reach market.  The advantage is every time you create a new concept hopefully bits and pieces of the idea are implemented in more main stream products.  The all electric concept car becomes a hybrid gas electric model of a popular design.  Without these grand ideas these technological break throughs wouldn’t be possible.

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