Do you think that companies can lose clients because they go green?



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    I may be a bit biased because I would do the opposite and become more attracted to a company that goes green, but here is my opinion.  I suppose it is possible that a company could lose clients as it goes green, but I would doubt that it is a major sector of the population that would choose another business or service, otherwise we would not see so many national brands advertising their products as green and environmentally friendly.  In general, I think people want to help the environment and for those who are not particularly environmentally minded, if cost and performance of the product is the same they would choose the product better for the earth.  That being said, I suppose the major factor that would cause a company to lose business would be if the act of going green caused the good or service to cost quite a bit more, they would likely lose clients.

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    I feel that, unless the good or service that a company is selling drastically increases in price, a company would almost definitely gain customers by going green. Very few people are actively opposed to greenness. While many people themselves do not live in the most environmentally friendly way possible, I doubt a company would lose business by doing the right thing.

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         I agree with maddyg and GreenBean. Most companies would gain customers by going green. That’s probably why there is so much greenwashing that goes on. Companies want the increased business that comes with seeming green, without actually having to change their practices.

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    It all depends on the type of company and what it means to become green for the clients. If the company becomes more efficient by going green and prices are reduced then it is quite obvious that the clients will be pleased. However, if the cost of going green increases overall costs and those costs are passed down to clients, then clients might not be as happy and try to search for companies with lower costs. Business is difficult since people in business are not necessarily interested in the environment or going green but rather in getting most out of their investments and that means money. So if there is no money in it, there is nothing. 

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    Yes, and no. Companies have the potential to lose clients if they choose to change their company core values to one that promotes sustainability and human health. Then again, it depends what kind of company it was before it went green and the kind of clients they attracted. If it was a total 360 then I imagine some cients would disagree and leave if their own values didn’t match up to the company’s.

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