Do you think that community composting is going to catch on in America?



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    many previous answers address this:

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    I think that it is indeed possible for the popularity of community composting to build momentum. Community gardens are increasing in number and popularity, so it would make sense that composting would as well. The movement to build community everywhere is definitely picking up steam. 

    In St. Paul, Minnesota, a three-month community composting experiment was performed. It was a collaboration between the Macalester-Groveland Community Council and Eureka Recycles, and invited neighborhood residents to participate who wanted to reduce their waste, but were not ready to compost on their own. I think that more projects like this one will help build momentum.

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    A very good question! I have a very good answer! Yes, presently it appears that the idea of community composting has started to take off in certain locations (Not so much where I’m from): California (San Francisco) among them, Oregon, New York City and Arizona have really taken the initiative and have created small but effective trend which is starting to pop up all over the United States in the small community level not to mention the large number of people using it in their own gardens. Arizona for example happens to have a rather impressive semi-large scale operation called “EcoScraps” aimed at reducing the landfill problem and do so by hauling your compostables right from your door step. I really don’t think there is an “If” here more than a “when” question.

    This on the orther hand has a less pleasant answer. Although it is a booming concept very few people on a large scale have truly incorporated this into their daily lives compared to those who haven’t and its slow catching in my states despite is support in others. Not to mention at the present moment there is a war being fought on the idea of using composting techniques instead of potentially harmful chemicals as fertilizer. Really not an issue people just need to change and stop being stubborn.     

    So to sum it all up yes I do believe that community composting will take root and flourish in the United States its just a matter of time (probably a long time) 🙂

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