Do you think that CNG cars will be more popular than hydrogen cars?



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    Clean natural gas vehicles seem to be currently a more viable alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. CNG vehicles have a longer and more commercially viable history than hydrogen vehicles. Though there is currently only one light duty natural gas powered vehicle, the Honda Civic GX, there are substantially more overall manufactured vehicles for instance 12-15% of the US public transportation running on natural gas vehicles. 

    Manufactuing costs, while decreasing, are still very high for hydrogen vehicles. Hesitation by the Obama administration for favor hydrogen technology could also have a detrimental effect on its development. 

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    Both of them are still very niche, and are practically at the same point right now, although hydrogen vehicles have gotten much more press. I think that CNG technology is much more feasible — any vehicle can be fitted to use CNG, whereas hydrogen technology still hasn’t hit its ceiling. In the long run, hydrogen may do better, but in the short-term, CNG is more viable. That said, hydrogen has much more of a presence in the modern psyche.

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    Who knows? Popularity is primarily related to cost, the cost of fuel, the convenience of fuel, comfort, and appearance.

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