Do you think that climate change is high enough on Obama’s to do list?



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    Personally? No. I think climate change should be our number-one priority, seeing how without a functioning planet, other political discussions really are irrelevant. I think that it should definitely become our highest-priority issue, but for some reason it seems that those in power don’t get it. Obama’s plans for solving climate change rely way too much on greenwashed policies, like “clean coal” and nuclear power…THese things may help cut down on CO2 output, but they’re creating bigger problems for us in the long run.

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    If I had my way, climate change would be the #1 issue on the desk of every leader in the world, because I think it’s the single greatest threat that the world faces right now. I also believe that in addressing climate change we will address other urgent issues, such as terrorism. If the US, Europe and China got the majority of their energy from renewable sources and thus decreased their dependence on imported oil, would terrorists be able to command significant world attention by taking actions that destabilize the Middle East and the industrialized world’s energy supply? Not likely. However, politics is the art of the possible. If Obama dropped everything and made a full-bore push on climate change to the exclusion of everything else, the political backlash would cripple his administration and prevent a great deal of achievable good that can be done with a more measured approach. Obama has economic issues and health care on his plate right now. Asking him to turn his attention to climate change right now is like asking an emergency surgeon who is trying to re-start a patient’s stopped heart to forget that for now and instead focus on the patient’s brain tumor. Both will need to be done eventually, but there’s a matter of priorities. So, while I’d love to see Obama put climate change higher on his list, I understand if he chooses to focus on other issues first.

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