Do you think that China’s population will ever begin to shrink?



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    Interesting question. I think that currently far more people are living on this earth than the earth can sustainably support. So, yes, I do think that ultimately China’s population will begin to shrink, as will the global population; however, it is very challenging to predict when this will occur.

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    China’s population will most likely begin to follow the population growth trends of many Western nations and Japan as per capita income levels rise, life expectancy grows, and women gain a larger role in business and civil life.  These trends tend to contribute to a inverted population trend (such as in countries like Sweden and Japan), with a large aging population and smaller, younger population groups.  As some areas of China already practice population growth control policies (such as the one child rule), negative population growth may occur early if economic growth continues compared to other rapidly developing regions (such as India).

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    I think due to China’s one-child policy the Chinese population will decrease. They are already having problems with too few females for males in upcoming population. Also segments of the population are becoming affluent and middle-class and higher families usually have less kids.

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