Do you think that China will have more EV’s than us soon?



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    It is difficult to be certain, but it will likely take some time for the electric vehicle market in China to develop. In June of 2010, the Chinese government began a test program in five cities that subsidizes about $9,000 of electric car purchases (closer to $7,000 for hybrids). The program was set to end after 50,000 are sold. American electric vehicle manufacturers are eager to get into the Chinese market as well, signifying the potential for a large demand in the future.

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    I would guess so yes.  For one thing, China has an incredibly aggressive approach to the EV infrastructure.  They are now the world leader in electric charging networks, with 90 standard charge and replacement power stations, nearly 5,200 chargers and 7,000 AC charge spots.  They see the EV industry as as real potential to stimulate the job force.  They overtook the US in wind turbines and turbine production.  They also have 1 billion more people than we do, which when focused on a task might achieve it quite quickly.

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    Cars have been a huge part of the American lifestyle for a really long time. Now, more and more Chinese are able to buy their first car. Since that car culture is still developing, I would expect that the Chinese would be more open to purchase an electric vehicle since they are not switching technologies, and what is really a tradition and huge part of the culture.

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