Do you think that China will ever be able to clean up their pollution problems without trying to shift manufacturing away from their country?



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    Only to a certain point, manufacturing can only be made so green.  China could make some progress in greening their manufacturing sector by cleaning up their energy sector.  Much of China’s dirty manufacturing comes from their fossil fuel based energy sources. 

    China has little incentive to outsource manufacturing because of the economic growth that its provided for the Chinese economy.  Much of China’s pollution problems come from their heavily coal and gas based energy sector; if this is remedied, China will be well on their way to greening their manufacturing sector.

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    I agree with what andyyea mentioned, China can clean itself up but probably only to a certain extent. The amount of technological innovation that is present in China can certainly be used to find alternative and more sustainable types of energy sources. However, China is currently going through its industrial revolution, so I don’t see any major efforts to clean the country up anytime soon. 

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