Do you think that China or the United States is doing more to become eco friendly?



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    China certainly has more renewable energy initiatives. However, this is just as much a function of their rapidly increasing energy demand, as it is of their environmental views. China is doing little in terms of protecting the environment from pollution. For example, agriculture is performed on a leasing basis. This causes many farmers to neglect and over fertilize because they do not own the land. China also does little to regulate industry. This is evident from the numerous health and safety scares from Chinese products. America generally has better environmental and safety standards. However, these are being eroded by corporate influence on politics. This is evident in oil exploration through hydrofracking which poisons local aquifers. America is also doing little if anything on a national basis in terms of renewable energy.

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    Since the United States has already had its industrial revolution, I would say that China is less-eco friendly. China is going through a mass amount of resources to modernize, with severe consequences on the environment. The air, water, and soil are all suffering for this modernization, even if China has the potential to do more to stop it. The United States still lacks in many areas in terms of being eco-friendly, but there are programs out there that are making a difference. 

    Here is an image of air pollution in China:

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