Do you think that Chevy has creatively marketed the Volt?



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    The Chevrolet Voltage is a yet-to-be released “extended range vehicle” that will run on electric.  It has been promoted for over three years by General Motors and will soon officially hit the market for the 2011 sales season.

    The marketing for the Chevy Volt has definitely been creative but that does not necessarily mean it has been good marketing.  GM’s marketing strategy has been critized over the last three years but it is getting the attention of the American public concerned with eco-friendly vehicles. 

    The Volt is currently preparing to go “on tour” to 12 cities in six weeks beginning October 9.  Chevy has also created a social webpage for the Volt to arouse excitement.  There has been a waiting list for the vehicle for at least two years, so something must be going right for GM.


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