Do you think that the cash for clunkers was successful enough to have again?



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    Currently, the government is of the opinion that cash for clunkers “worked”, although they are uncertain what the long term effects would be. However, since they do think it worked, there’s a chance they may put it into practice again, like the stimulus package, and perhaps this time they will put better tracking on it, in order to really see the effects.

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    While it was a great way to get more fuel efficient cars on the road, the main purpose of Cash for Clunkers was to boost the automobile industry. Cash for Clunkers succeeded in stimulating the economy and helping the auto industry out. Now that the auto industry is doing much better than it was when cash for clunkers began, the program probably won’t go into effect again.

    It is possible that the success of Cash for Clunkers may inspire a similar program in the future if the auto industry finds itself in such dire need again. It seems improbable that the program will go into effect again anytime soon.

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