Do you think a capitalist nation can be a green one?



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    There are plenty of capitalist policies that can be used to improve the environment, generally by incentivizing something that is usually considered an externality or by providing financial incentive to choose the more ecological choice in a business decision. The most famous example of the first is cap and trade, which provides a financial incentive to cut down on emissions, while an example of the second would be the Brazilian government subsidizing tourism in the Amazon instead of logging and cattle farming.

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    There’s no reason a capitalist nation can’t be green. The key is in making the environmentalism cost effective and high in regard to consumer demand (a move that we’re seeing now with the highly visible and coroporate sponsored green movement).

    A lot of people think that the watered down, corporate-run version of the green movement we’re currently seeing today is as far as green capitalism can take us, and so consider it a nonviable option for a truly green society. But I think that the current movement is one stage on an evolutionary path towards creating an alternative market system whereby greenness becomes synonymous with cost-efficiency and thus with profit rising.

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