Do you think that a cap and trade bill can help the United States?



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    A cap and trade approach, involving programs that put a mandatory cap on emissions in order to allow for more efficiency, innovation, and a healthier environment, would certainly be beneficial to the United States. Some cap and trade programs already exist, such as the Acid Rain Program. The goal of the program is to gain environmental and public health benefits through the reduction of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. The program also aims to support energy efficiency and pollution prevention.

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    Yes. However, I think that a simple tax would be a better approach. Unfortunately, due to the fact that our government is owned by corporations who want to receive free carbon credits when the policy goes into effect, we will probably end up with a very complex cap-and-trade system in which certain large corporations are favored over everyone else. A cap-and-trade system is nothing more than an unnecessarily complicated tax. Taxes are a good thing, so I don’t see why we are hiding from them by trying to label them as something else.

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