Do you think that building a green economy can successfully pull us out of this recession we are in?



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    That’s a good question. On one hand, green products are more expensive and less consumer spending on them during the recession was evident even though people want to use them. On the other hand, working on green technology will create more jobs and using sustainable resources will help our economy in the long run. I think if people realize the benefits of going green, and realize that over time it will definetely make things easier, we will see it help us out of the recession.

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    I think it’s a great opportunity.  The collapse of shady business practice and ultimately the financial crisis that we’ve experienced has helped us to understand the way we were doing things simply wasn’t stable.  It brings us to a great platform to evaluate how we run business, and what’s really GOOD for the people. A green economy, if implemented correctly, an not only provide a solid foundation from which to operate going forward, but also lead us from the dark ages into a golden age simply based on efficiency and betterment for all.

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    I certainly hope so because it does not look so good for America. Nevertheless, the only way to pull us out of the recession is to create jobs. The only way to create massive amounts of jobs is manufacturing. Manufacturing green technology is a possibility, but is unlikely in America. America will create a lot of the green technology, but likely not manufacture them. 

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    I definitely think so.  We can create an entirely new market of jobs that will help cut down our power costs.  This is a completely untapped sector of the economy that will hopefully begin to blossom soon.  Especially with the recession, I think it is the perfect time to try new things and help diversify our economy.  We can also bring more jobs back home from overseas by cutting our dependency on foreign oil.  We could begin massive production of renewable power resources that would help the environment and the economy at the same time.  I truly hope that we will have a thriving green sector of our economy soon.  

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