Do you think the buffalo will ever be on the endangered species list?



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    I think that there is a chance that the American Bison could go on the endangered list. However, their species already took a dive and has recovered partially from that. It would take one more big hit to their population to put them on the endangered list. Hopefully, we have learned enough from our past to keep these guys around.  

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    As long as there are advocators to help the species, I think Buffalo could make a recovery. One individual who is helping keep the buffalo off the endangered species list is Ted Turner. He has 15 ranches with buffalo being raised on 14 of them equating to about 50,000 head of buffalo or the world’s largest private stock of buffalo. 

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    I don’t think it’s likely that the American Bison will go on the endangered species list, unless there is some sort of epidemic that wipes out a large number of them. Bison are now being raised as livestock and their meat, which is extremely healthy and delicious, is in very high demand.

    I think a much bigger concern is that the species will lose its wild qualities and natural vigor due to selective breeding by ranchers. There are many ranchers who really respect the animals, let them live out their full lives on grass as nature intended, and handle them the minimum possible, but there is also a growing number who are trying to put these magnificent animals into feedlots to produce a more “consistent” meat. Of course, this practice is not only cruel and unnatural for the bison, it also removes many of the very health benefits that make bison meat so popular! Hopefully for this reason it will die out quickly, but I’m not counting on it. Buy grass-fed bison meat to support ranchers who show bison proper respect.

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    Actually, buffalo have already been on the endangered species list. The fact that they are not now is a testiment to the success of America’s Endangered Species Act in preserving and increasing dwindling animal populations.

    The current regulations in place successfully monitor and control buffalo population recovery such that their species has increased exponentially every year since the end of the 1800s. In 1899, total buffalo population was somewhere around 1000 buffalos in the country; today their population is around 350,000. This is a far cry from the 30-70 million buffalo which once called America their home, but it is a sustainable population which should be hard to decimate given the existing infrastructure supporting buffalo in the US.

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