Do you think that BPA should face criminal charges?



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    I’m guessing you meant to say BP, the oil company (not Bisphenol A.)

    No. I don’t think that would solve anything. The fact is that BP isn’t the monster, we are. Oil is such an integral part of our lives that we take things for granted like plastic bottles, electricity, and gasoline (among thousands of similar, everyday products.) The reality is that petroleum extraction is extremely dangerous and risky (and getting more so with less and less “easy-to-get” oil left,) and accidents like the one in the Gulf are inevitable. Furthermore, oil costs billions of dollars to go from the ground to the gas tank, has a horrible effect on the environment and local populations exposed to it’s toxic byproducts (carcinogenic hydrocarbons,) and is in such high demand that countries are literally going to war over it. This has to stop. We need to suck it up and admit we’re over-consuming this resource to the demise of our planet. We should face the criminal charges.

    -A great documentary on the subject is Crude Impact. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.

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