Do you think that BP will ever be held accountable for all the damage they have caused?



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    Well, for what its worth, do you think anyone would intentionally dump all of their product out to sea and thus harm the greater environment?  While there is potential in such a situation to benefit from insurance payouts, the red-tape that would accompany an environmental impact of that magnitude would be a nauseating headache to say the least.

    Personally, I would say no; I doubt that BP would ever be held fully accountable for the damage.  Supposing the entire catastrophe was their intention for short-term profit gains and the end of the company, it has happened before with large corporate groups and it could just as easily happen now.  Supposing that the incident was purely an accident with no malicious intent whatsoever, I would imagine that BP would go bankrupt before it could monetarily pay back the damage done.

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