Do you think that BP can no longer be trusted?



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    On what basis? Because they are selling Apache for 12 million dollars? Because they cut payments on 40,000 claims?

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    To be honest, I think that the most damning aspect of the oil spill is not the fact that it happened, but instead how it revealed the faulty plans of all the major oil companies. BP, Exxon, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, and Shell have actually been discovered to have had the same, outdated disaster plans. The same firm wrote the plans (which are basically copies of one another, and were in some cases factually inaccurate), and the plans relied on ineffective methods. They cannot be trusted to self-regulate for human and environmental safety.

    In short, I do not believe that the entire oil industry can be trusted. I will accept that mistakes can happen, like what started this whole mess, but I will not accept ineffective plans for dealing with mistakes. The oil companies demonstrated dangerous overconfidence and a lack of foresight that makes them difficult to trust again.

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    I agree with the first poster on this thread.  Look at what is happening in Nigeria; these companies are interested in profit only.


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    It is not only the oil companies that can’t be trusted, it is the governmental agencies that we trusted to keep these companies in check.  The greed and simple lack of ethics that was exhibited led to this whole disaster.  If corporations were held accountable for what they did, despite how much money they make, disasters like this oil spill would not happen.  The fact is we need a new system of checks and balances in this country, because what we have at the top has become filled with money hunger.

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    It might seem too harsh, but I personally don’t trust any oil company.  They profit off the exploitation of natural resources — their only concern is making more money than the last year, no matter what the environmental or human cost.  Oil companies frequently drill offshore of poorer/third world countries that cannot afford to refuse.  These countries’ entire economy becomes beholden to an oil company.  

    I definitely do not trust BP.  As I said before, I am skeptical of any oil company, but one that had over 700 “egregious” environmental violations in the past, more than any other oil company in history, cannot be trusted in any sense of the word.  Let’s just all hope they (or anybody else for that matter) can figure out how to deal with the oil spill.  

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