Do you think nuclear energy is a blessing or a curse?



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    I’m of two minds on the issue. On the one hand, it seems better in the immediate future than coal power, since it doesn’t contribute to global warming, but no one seems to have any idea what to do with the radioactive waste created by nuclear power plants. The current problems with have with global warming and pollution were caused by a lack of scientific knowledge and planning a few decades down the line — how are we supposed to know what the impact of nuclear waste will be in 10,000 years when it’s still around? How can we store it safely without it leaching into the soil or groundwater? I think it would be better to focus on less dangerous alternative energy sources like wind farms and solar power. These may also have unintended ramifications but they don’t create toxic waste that could take a million years to go away.

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    In the short run it is definitely a blessing. It allows to create zero-emissions energy that will not effect us in our lifetime. Nuclear energy provides us will a hell of a lot of energy, that could be a low cost, if done correctly. France is recycling much their nuclear waste, saving money and helping the environment. 

    In the long run, the main question is, where do we dispose of the nuclear waste? This question has yet to be answered. 

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