Do you think that biofuel will become more popular than regular fuel?



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    Biofuels have pros and cons, so whether it will become more popular than regular fuel is hard to tell. Though easy to use, biofuels are hard to find and whether it’s sustainable is a question that has to be asked. For instance, do we really have enough crops and farms to sustain a permanent switch to biofuels over regular fuel? Also, the production of biofuels is also something to consider, as it’s not a simple process. 

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    Out of a necessity it might.  Some experts predict we have already reached peak oil or will in the very near future.  Our oil resources will be declining and we are going to have to find alternative ways to power our cars.  I think most people are, in principle, in favor of biofuels, and if we can manage to make things like jet fuel from a renewable source, cheaper than we can from crude oil, then I think the public will rally behind getting biofuel in our passenger jets to help bring down the cost of airline tickets.

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    I think it will be easy for biofuels to become more popular. They already have the reputation as better for the environment. To be used more, they need to become more economical for more usage.

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    Biofuels cost anywhere from 50% to 200% more than things like gasoline, so if it is actually possible to produce them in the quantities our vehicles will demand (it is not possible, not at current consumption rates), the fuel will cost on the order of twice as much as present-day gasoline costs.

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