Do you think that big oil companies will ever allow biofuel to be mass produced in America?



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    They may have political clout, but they are not able to “allow” or disallow such things. It will probably rise or fall on its own merits – and its own economic constraints.

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    Oil companies enjoy a monopoly in many aspects of our lives – oil essentially runs the world right now so I don’t know that biofuels would necessarily be a big threat to them.  In fact, a lot of oil companies are trying to get on board with biofuels such as algae development.  The fact is, petroleum is a non-renewable resource, so it wouldn’t be to their advantage to not embrace forms alternative energy.  However, according to a Cornell University and University of California-Berkeley study the development of biofuels might not be worth it: the amount of energy needed to develop them it shows, is more than the amount of energy they can produce.

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