Do you think bands like U2 are just acting like they care about environmental/political issues?



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    There is considerable questioning of the true intents of Bono with his One organization and other humanitarian efforts. It’s not really U2 that are behind those, it is mostly Bono. I think that he cares about the world as a whole but fails to truly put himself out there to make a difference. Money isn’t going to be a fixall but if you want to cure AIDS, it takes money for research and he is the same artist that paid for a seat for a hat on a transatlantic flight.
    I understand that we should all be concerned with others lives and deaths and not leave it up to those with money, but awareness is one thing, results are another. Bono pushes awareness and does amazing things, he isn’t acting, he cares and U2 doesn’t need any more media boosts so it’s not to further his career.

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    I think it is hard to say because there are definitely two very strong sides to this.  On one hand, fame allows people to get a point across to a lot of people that they wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.  From a different aspect, having an environmental stance can bring a lot of publicity for a celebrity.  If someone who is famous truly does care about the environment though, I think things like what Bono is doing are great.

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    I think they don’t know, bands and individuals like Bono are so seperated from reality they have no idea what is public relations and what is making an actual difference.

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