Do you think that the bald eagle is a good national bird?



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    I can’t say that the eagle is a “good” or “bad” national bird, but I can explain the reasoning behind the choice. The bald eagle has long represented freedom. During one of the first battles of the American Revolution, the soldiers awoke to the cries of a bald eagle over their heads. They said that the eagle was shrieking freedom, which is what the soldiers wanted for themselves and their families. In 1782, the bald eagle became the official bird of the nation and appeared on the Great Seal. Even after the bald eagle was adopted as a national bird, the US still represented freedom and opportunity for a lot of people from a lot of different places. 

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    Actually, I agree with Benjamin Franklin when he said that the turkey would make a better national bird because it is more noble. Even though the Eagle may look noble, he is really nothing more than a scoundrel. As an American, I would love to have the turkey as our national bird. Unfortunately, I think that many Americans identify with the Eagle more than they realize.

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    I think eagles are beautiful and majestic looking birds, but they also steal prey from others and eat carrion. In addition, when eagles are used in movies, they often use the more noble sounding cry of a red-tailed hawk, because the eagle has a high pitched screech as it’s call. 

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    I do think the Bald Eagle is an excellent national bird for the United States because they are large, beautiful, and powerful birds who at first were seen all over the United States before poaching, deforestation, and chemicals threatened them. These beautiful creatures have a dominant and powerful presence and symbolically I believe that is exactly how the United States should be perceived. Not only are Bald Eagles powerful but they mate for life thus, symbolizing loyalty which is a a great characteristic. They also build large powerful nests and protect it which is something Americans stand for also. Americans have build this nation and have fought long and hard to protect this nation.  The Bald Eagle is the perfect national symbol of the United States of America. 

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