Do you think Avatar is metaphoric of what’s happening to our planet today?



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    Yes, there are obvious parallels.  The humans represent the developed countries of today, particularly the United States, using brutality to expand their power, hiding under the pretense that they are trying to further the knowledge of the people.  Another parallel is the connection between people and the environment.  There is one message that viewers everywhere should take from this movie:  We are connected to the environment, much like the residents of Pandora physically are linked to their planet.  Whatever imbalances we bring to nature, will eventually effect us.

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    I agree to an extent. There are several parallels. However, I do not feel that the metaphors are intended by the director James Cameron. His movies are meant to be epic, entertaining, and awe-inprising. They are hardly deep, metaphoric, or laden with specific meaning. He aims to produce the most talked about movies on the grandest scale, and not bent on pushing an agenda. His movies are simple, and meant to appeal to everyone. 

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    Yes, but it also reminds me a lot of the past. Avatar seems like a fusion of Fern Gully, Pocahontas and Dances with Wolves.  It incorporates US history, modern military and video-gaming style technology.  But the premise of the story is learning to connect with the energies of the land and living organisms within the land.  I think that movement has been around, but is now starting to make it’s way into modern society.  The movie may have even helped that happen.

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    I definitely think the purpose of presenting the Avatar plot in such a way was to highlight environmental degradation in the real world. Happenings in real life are not lost on script writers, and the release of the film Avatar at this juncture in time was not an accident.

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    I saw it as more of a parallel to American treatment of Native Americans, and western expansionism, but I definitely think there are some nods to environmental issues. The most obvious is probably how the developers wish to destroy a planet for commercial gains. The film also depicts the beauty of a connection with the environment, and shows the greed and folly associated with not appreciating it. In an interview, James Cameron actually admitted that environmental issues impacted Avatar, stating that he was considering “our human proclivity to destroy ourselves and the world around us” while he wrote it.

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