Do you think that Archaeology is an important profession and why?



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    Archaeology is one of the only ways we can know more about prehistoric societies, especially those without a written record of their history.  Archaeologists read the artifacts they find as if they were books with missing pages, in that they have to interpret what the artifacts were used for to reconstruct how ancient cultures lived without actually being there.  It’s possible that a discovery from an archaeological dig can uncover something we’d never known about a civilization, leading us to rewrite history itself.

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    Absolutely. Without archaeology, there would be no substantive evidence of how cultures progressed and evolved. Discovery is instrumental in the application of modern concepts; a great number of consequences and triumphs that can be gleaned from older civilizations still remain relevant. Not only does archaeology offer valuable cues to prior peoples, it provides tangible evidence into how the environment and landscape was shaped in previous eras, and how we’ve modified it. In an abstract sense, archaeology is a vital science because it is one of preservation and enlightenment.

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    Archaelogy is definitely an important profession. I value it for the reasons listed above. However, if I had to choose between eliminating archaelogy or engineering from the world, I’d choose archaelogy because archaelogy provides a better understanding of the past but does little for the future while engineering paves the way to the future.

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    Yes, archaeology is an important profession and field of study for today’s society. By studying antiquity and artifacts of past societies, we can learn so much about how cultures evolve and anthropologically how humans have interacted. The field also can teach us about how humans interacted with the natural world and their environment. In short, there is so much we can learn about the human race by studying artifacts from the past, and for that reason archaeology is an indispensable field.  

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