Do you think that any car will ever pass the Prius as the best selling hybrid car?



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    Prius might have the status as the best selling hybrid car because mainly because it is the best hybrid car out there right now.  I think Prius will be seeing a lot more competition now and if there is a car that can overtake the Prius, that car would have to perform much better than the Prius.  Prius is the standard right now.  That being said, with the problems Toyota has been having with their cars I wouldn’t be surprised if another car maker steps in and scoops up would-be Prius buyers.  

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    The reliability of the Toyota brand is rapidly losing steam as more and more problems are being found on various models of recent Toyota cars.  A significant number of 2004-2009 models of Prius were recalled as well due to floor mat and unintended acceleration issues.  This is leaving room for the variety of new hybrid vehicles that will be released in 2010 from other automakers including Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Lexus and more.

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    I think there is a possibility that other cars will overtake the Prius. Hybrids are still one of the best alternatives for better mileage, and nothing seems to be stealing their thunder any time soon. This gives car manufacturers time to come up with better designs. Although the Prius is an established brand already in the category their recent problems might make customers turn away.

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