Do you think this is another example of how great Omega 3’s are for your health?

Feed your kids fish and raise them on a farm and they won’t have allergies.



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    I think this short blurb on the study is leaving out quite a bit of information.  But to answer your question, no, I do no tthink this is an example of how great Omega 3’s are for your health.  While I do not disagree, I think they have many great health benefits, there is nothing in this study that links the lack of allergies to the omega 3s in the fish, or to say that the omega 3 exposure has somehow prevented the allergies.  In addition, you see that it is exposure to the possible allergin at a young age that prevents people from eventually getting allergies.  Additionally, the left out one piece of information I would like to see and that is the percentage of the parents that have allergies.  I do not know how heredetary allergies are, but most people I know have one or two family members that suffer from the same types of allergies.

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    I believe the sentence is in relation to exposure to allergens to build immunity, not an example of Omega 3 benefits.  There are some studies which show that children that grow up on farms and have normal levels of exposure to dogs, cats, etc. do not develop some of the asthma and allergies associated with those pets -that you may see in city or apartment dwelling children.  Generally there is less expossure to some of the types of molds or indoor allergens as well as lower roadway pollution on most farms than in the city.  In terms of fish  or fish oil – I grew up in Califronia and ate quite a bit of shrimp, scallops, lobster as well as fish of all kinds, and my dad also made me take cod liver oil (for health) as a child, yet in my twenties I had an anaphylactic reaction to a lobster I was eating in a restaurant and have never been able to eat shellfish since then.  So exposure to fish does not prevent allergies. 

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