Do you think that animal cruelty would stop if slaughterhouses were forced to have cameras?



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    How would having cameras change peoples’ desire to eat meat? Would you also force every meat eater to watch the films?

    “Animal cruelty” is usually quite specifically defined, and does not extend to the way most American slaughterhouses operate – no matter how revolting it may seem to many people.

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    Rigibson makes a good point – the phrase “animal cruelty” typically doesn’t have anything to do with practices in slaughterhouses.  It generally refers to inflicting pain on or neglecting a tame animal – so if the cows were given no food or water before they went to the slaughterhouse, that would be animal cruelty.  Ultimately I don’t think that putting cameras in slaughterhouses would do anything other than make a lot of disturbing video footage that most people would probably choose not to watch.

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    Whether ‘animal cruelty’ is found in the slaughter house or not, I think it is necessary to acquaint every slaughtere that these are sentient creatures and undergo excruciating pains as they are killed. Forcing them to acquire cameras may not solve the problem as they may continue with the same brutal killing procedure. But if procuring cameras is to monitor them, the cameras should be provided for them.

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    It may lessen the rate of animal cruelty, but just because cameras are installed in slaughterhouses does not mean that they will suddenly stop killing animals (or that people will suddenly stop demanding meat). They would find other ways, perhaps more subtle, to slaughter their animals.

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