Do you think Americans would rather have hybrids or muscle cars?



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    Luckily, we have the technology today that makes it so those two things are no longer mutually exclusive. Hybrid technology can be fit into any frame really, so while they might not be true “muscle cars”, we can make cars with powerful, hybrid engines that look like muscle cars (and I think for most people, a muscle car is really about the look and horsepower, not the actually amount of pistons or whatever that made old muscle cars go fast).

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    With rising gas prices, it all comes down to which car is cheaper to run.  Assuming a hybrid gets about 45 miles to a gallon and only takes about $25 to fill up, they make for the much better deal.  A muscle car, on average, only gets about half as many miles to the gallon.  But if it’s for the look that Americans are buying their cars, then the real question is, when will we have a hybrid muscle car?

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    I think changing attitudes around the country are pushing more people to choose efficieny over aesthetics. Like pointed out above, though, just because a car is a hybrid, doesn’t mean it has to be unattractive or absurb looking.  More and more people are looking to buy what they need, and not just what looks good, especially with the perceived high gas prices.

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