Do you think Americans would pay more for shipping costs if it was guaranteed to be carbon neutral?



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    I believe so, as long as the prices weren’t too much higher than standard prices.  As we can see from eco-friendly products, people are willing to pay for environmental stewardship.  Just as long as it’s not too much.

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    I would also agree with yes.  There are very wealthy people in America.  They are willing to spend extra for knowing that they are helping the planet. 

    I doubt that it would have a huge following at the beginning.  However, once it becomes more known and prices start to go down, then I feel like it could becomes the norm. 

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    I think there would be some sort of price point break here, but yes.  I am very excited to see more and more online companies telling consumers on their websites that ground shipping is actually the most environmentally friendly option, and encouraging its use if the customer can wait a few extra days to get the product.  And the best part about that is, it’s cheaper than overnight shipping which uses a lot of jet fuel.

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