Do you think Americans will be more attracted to an American hybrid like the Volt than the Toyota prius?



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    I think Americans will be most attracted to cars that are of good value.  American cars have not been relaible when compared to their Asian counterparts.  If the Volt turns out to be a reliable car with a excellent price tag, I think Americans would gladly buy the Volt.  However, Chevy will have to change the perception that American cars are not very reliable.  One advantage the volt has is that it is an electric car and not just a hybrid.

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    I think it will definitely help pull over a lot of the “America first” crowds, and for a good reason. It’s important to build smaller and more local economies, (even if most of the car is created overseas.) Many people recognize this, as well as the fact that buying an American vehicle will put more money back into the American economy. Hopefully, it will perform as well or better than the Prius, and we will see more electric vehicles on the road in the future, including American-made ones.

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    I could help, considering how patriotic American culture is. It might not be the best value though, but as long as people are adapting to using hybrids it will benefit the environment, which for now should be everyone’s biggest concern. If I were to buy a hybrid I wouldn’t consider the Volt as real option simply because it’s new, it will have problems that are hidden until people give real life feedback. The Prius is already in it’s third generation and Toyota had plenty of time to develop and fine tune these cars. The Volt seems to be rushed just to get it to the market as soon as possible, which could mean shortcuts in various areas. 

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