Do you think Americans are the most wasteful people?



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    Yes and no. Yes we have the most to waste and as a whole Americans are not waste-conscious as Europeans. However, developing countries (Africa, Asia, Middle East), the Chinese and India do not have the same recycling programs or infrastructure as the United States and Western Europe.

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    The statistics say that Americans are the most wasteful people.

    This map changes countries size to reflect how much money they spend maintaining their respective lifestyle. The larger the country, they more they spend in comparison to the average.

    As you can see, America spends more than any other country per person to maintain the luxurious life style we have all come to know and love.


    However… I strongly believe that MOST other countries would be as wasteful as Americans are of they had the opportunity. I’m not saying all would, but I feel many countries are not wasteful merely because they do not have anything to waste. Poorer countries are begrudgingly jealous of the sheer amount of stuff available to Americans and channel this jealousy into hatred for the wastefulness of our lifestyle. I don’t want to condone what we do but I don’t think other counties would significantly less wasteful if they had the resources Americans do.

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    There really is no right or wrong answer to this. It is more based off of opinions and I have to say that every country is wasteful. It truly depends on the situation. Each country has a different belief as to what is worthy and what is worthless. In Asia they may be wasteful for their food scraps because they feed them to their pigs and cows for their fecal matter. They may feel that the manure is much more worthy compared to the food scraps as in America. In America some may use food scraps as a fertilizer as it biodegrades itself as time passes by. Asian farmers may feel that the gases from the animals create better vegetation compared to gases from food scrapes. So technically the possibilities are endless because all it comes down to is the person and their perception of what is considered as wasteful or not.

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