Do you think that Americans are being too harsh on BP?



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    Decide for yourself.

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    I definitely don’t think that Americans are being too harsh on BP.  While it is unlucky that it did happen to BP and really could have happened to any company, it is really their responsibility to practice drilling safely, which they did not do.  There are reports that BP knew that there was the potential for the explosion that caused the spill, and yet they didn’t do enough to stop it from occurring.  Offshore drilling is still an important part of our economy and relieves us of the necessity of relying more on foreign oil, so to say that we should shut down all offshore drilling right now may be unfair, but we certainly need to move away from it so that we do not need to rely on it so much.  Until then, companies need to make sure that they are minimizing the risks associated with offshore drilling, which unforutnately BP did not do.

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    Definitely not. BP for years did not care about the safety of their rigs and their workers. They cared more about branding themselves as a green company (beyond petroleum) than actually being green. They have killed an entire ecosystem of a body of water and are responsible for the deaths of 11 people. 

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    People will always have something to say whether it’s good or bad. Months down the line people will forget this incident and move onto something else. When another international events takes the world by storm the harshness will be directed towards that. The heat will cool off for BP eventually.

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    If anything, Americans haven’t been hard enough on BP.  BP is responsible for the worst environmental disaster in history — the spill will forever change the ecosystem of the Gulf.  It will also impact the ocean’s current system, which affects all ocean wildlife. Americans need to demand more stringent regulatory procedures to be put in place. We need to make sure that our politicians understand the severity of the situation, and do everything in their power to prevent another catastrophe like this. In my personal opinion, I think BP has gotten it pretty easy so far, and that needs to change.  

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    No way. If nothing else we aren’t being harsh enough. This has been one of the worst t environmental disasters America has and probably will ever see. Nothing will ever be the same in the Gulf of Mexico region, everything from tide pools to turtles to fisherman’s lives have all been ruined. Besides, this all could have been prevented with a simple part, but they didn’t want to lose money.

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    American people must be hard on BP to let them know that this is their mess and their responsibility to clean up. BP and oil companies alike need to receive pressure to pool their resources to solve the problem. The most qualified people to clean up this mess already work for the oil companies and the U.S. government has no choice but to keep allowing the oil companies to clean up the spill at their own pace. This is why the public needs to continue to pressure BP to allocate all their resources to solving the problem at hand.

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