Do you think that Americans are aware of the ways they destroy the climate?



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    Well this is such a difficult question to answer.  Personally I feel that 90% of Americans could be doing A LOT more to lower their impact on the environment.  I think many Americans have become lazy in their way of thinking and would rather run the water and leave the lights on as much as they want than to actually make any sort of sacrifice.  However, to say they are not aware is ludacris.  The basic things that everyone can do on a daily basis have been talked about time and time again in many different forums.  Whether you watch Oprah, HGTV, or listen to the radio all the time you have heard of tips for living greener.  It is simply lack of action that has made us look ignorant as a country.

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    Very interesting question, with a very unsettling answer.  I found this quote from a recent study, “48% of Americans now believe that the seriousness of global warming is generally exaggerated, up from 41% in 2009 and 31% in 1997”.  This is an interesting read, so click on the link and dig deeper.  

    Why is this!?  Why would people be less convinced as the signs keep piling up?  I think media and a “global financial crisis” may play large roles.

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    I am sure many are aware but I believe many don’t care. A lot of people feel that it doesn’t directly affect their lives so they don’t bother. Judging from the fact that there is so much effort put forth to make people aware, I’d say many people are indifferent towards the subject. That is just my opinion of the matter.

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    I personally do not believe that many Americans are aware of the severity of our environment’s current state. I myself know many people who do not believe in recycling and think global warming is merely a governmental scheme. I completely disagree with them, for they have yet to provide me with simple explanations of their stance on these situations. 


    Many people are also unaware of the serious consequences of their routine actions cause to the environment. This includes not recycling, speeding while driving and wasting gasoline, ignoring water conservation rules, and more. These actions can all be easily avoided and ought to become part of a new routine. I believe that it is the obligation of those who do understand these consequences, to inform those who do not, and to influence them into making small life changes. Collectively, this will make a huge difference for the better.

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    Personally, I don’t think the majority of Americans know how harmful their everyday actions can be on the environment.  A lot of my family and friends still don’t recycle or see any need to.  Many still drive gas guzzling SUVs. There are some who understand the impact humans have on the environment, but I wouldn’t place these people in the majority.  

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