Do you think Americans think Al Gore is a reliable source of environmental information?



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    I personally don’t, and don’t think that many other Americans see Al Gore as a reliable source of environmental information. Anyone who watches south park may have a biased negative opinion on Gore from the ‘man-bear-pig’ episode. I heard of his large personal eco-footprint after his movie release and that discredited Gore’s advice for me. 

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    I mean, Gore by all means should have won the 2000 presidential elections. Had he won, a lot of the environmental policies than are now being proposed would probably already be in effect, and America would be much less reliant on foreign oil today. Gore is a very smart man, the knock on him is generally that he doesn’t and any personality. South Park is a great show and I usually like what they do, but I think they painted Gore a little bit unfairly. 

    Considering that the majority of Americans voted for Gore to be president in 2000, I’d say the majority of Americans consider him a reliable source of information for a lot of things, including the environment.

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