Do you think that American car manufacturers will be able to keep up with foreign ones as it shifts to an electric vehicle market?



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    I believe so. Regardless of the economic climate in the US technology based companies are always looking around the corner to stay globally competitive. It is clear that manufacturers like Smart and Nissan (with the Nissan leaf) have tapped into the consumer electric market first and with the most aggression, but US manufacturers aren’t far behind. Chevrolet’s Volt may not be completely electric, but it is a prototype for electric cars that are highway capable and highway safe. It should be noted that a Volt is completely electric run for an estimated 35 miles; thus making fuel unnecessary for everyday in-town travel. Also American owned Tesla is causing quite a buzz with its Roadster. It is the first of its kind in that it is a fully electric sports car. It is highly anticipated by the electric market segment seeking a more attractive and faster option, however due to some manufacturing problems the release date has been set back.

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