Do you think that America should have a mandatory recycling program?

This is a question that I had to answer for my Earth Science class and I was wondering what your views are on it. I think that we should do it! 😀 (No, this isn;t homework, I already did it!)



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    Mandatory recycling programs should be implemented in America.  The act of recycling is one of the simplest forms of reducing our carbon footprint.  There is no major lifestyle change necessary to recycle.  Not only is most recycling free, in some cases you can earn a little extra cash, like recycling aluminum cans.  Recycling takes a small effort and investment, but creates a large impact. 

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    Absolutely!  It should be mandatory that every state have a landfill ban on recyclables.  Only four states have this, with most others implementing incentives, like deposit returns.  However, if the federal government tried to implement a nationwide, mandatory recycling plan, the states would just squawk about how it’s going to cost them money, and probably sue the federal government for trying to make them do it. 

    We have curbside recycling in NY, and you can recycle for a deposit 24 hours at most grocery stores.  I’m not sure what it’s like in other states, but it couldn’t possibly be any easier.  NOT recycling is just pure laziness — mandatory or not.  According to the link below, nearly a quarter of our population doesn’t recycle at all.

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    Yes, I think that a mandatory recycling program would be a great way to get people aware of environmental issues. Recycling seems to be a gateway step to other eco-conscious activities, and is an extremely easy way to get involved. While I do believe that there would be some resistance, in time I think that recycling would become something that people do without having to think about it. Recycling is something that anyone can do, and if it were more easily accessible, i believe much more people would be participating in the movement.

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    Yes, I think America and probably the world should have mandatory recycling programs. It is not hard to do and it is something that effects all of us.

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    I think that we need to take our focus off of recycling and put it towards consuming less in the first place.  Recycling materials for reuse takes energy and sometimes large amounts of chemical processing.  Often the product made from the recycled material is not in any way connected to the original product; plastic bottles are not re-made into more plastic bottles.  Instead of mandating recycling programs, we should aim our focus, our advertising, and possibly a reward system toward less use and re-use of products which we now recycle.

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    Most emphatically, yes! Our country produces an incredible amount of waste that needs to be removed, sorted, and re-used in an efficient, environmentally friendly manner. It teaches us how to be responsible with our waste and brings about awareness. But I agree with Julia 52. We also need to focus more on living the kind of lives that will reduce our consumption of things. It takes a lot of energy to recycle objects into new objects and we need to learn how to re-use objects that we purchase.

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    I’m going to be the minority and say no. Making things “mandatory” tends to ilicit a negative response from people, and can often be controversial. The environmental movement is becoming more popular on its own (many companies are now “going green” for publicity, recycling bins are more prevalent, etc.), so I think that backlash might inhibit its growth. Consider rebellious human nature and the American culture. Historically, this is not a nation that responds well to “mandatory” anything. Many Americans, particularly conservatives, wouldn’t stand for this, and that clash would only weaken the environmental movement. We should instead encourage recycling and make it more accessible and quite frankly, easier for the average American. People respond to accomodation of their needs and support for positive action, not mandates.

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