Do you think America has a good chance of producing all of their energy from renewable sources ever?



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    There is no doubt in my mind that America, at some point in the future, will have all its energy run from renewable sources. The bigger question, however, is how badly we ruin the environment, or how badly we suck it dry before we are forced to produce all our energy from renewable sources.

    The other big question – or rather problem – that America has to confront before being completely dependent on renewable sources of energy is how to produce energy at a steady rate. While wind and solar power are great forms of renewable energy, the power output of these methods can fluctuate. Wind and solar are currently used to supplement more traditional methods of energy production such as through the burning of fossil fuels. These methods are very reliable in that they produce a continuous and steady stream of energy that is not affected by the whims of the environment (no wind or clouds blocking the sun). The big theoretical holy grail of continuous renewable energy is fusion which consumes hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe. However, we are not really anywhere near using fusion as a viable energy source.

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