Do you think all nurseries are green by definition?



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    I don’t think that’s necessarily true. A nursery can use many things that can be damaging to the environment. Pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals used in a nursery may help increase health and yield of the nursery but it can have a negative affect on the environment. Also, depending on how separate the nursery is from the ecology of the area, it could have a positive or negative affect on local plant culture. Finally, materials to build a nursery can be (but aren’t necessarily) wasteful. Choices one makes could certainly make one nursery greener than another.

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    No definitely not. Practices in nurseries can be just as damaging as some of the farmers in their use of pesticides. Nurseries may have allowed forced the destruction of a local habitat and replaced it with foreign species. These species may take over and eradicate other species in the surrounding land. 

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