Do you think that Al Gore has been a positive image for climate change?



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    No, I think Al Gore has politicized environmentalism and taken away from its value as a universal social issue. Al Gore is a political figure in the Democratic Party, not a scientist. He has made environmentalism and liberal politics inseparable from each other, and this is undoubtedly problematic. Climate change is not something to make scary documentaries about so people will get riled up politically. It is not something to use as a catalyst for political action. It is as much a real life issue for a Republican as a Democrat. As the most recognized figure in the climate change debate, Gore has created political divisiveness in the issue. Republican groups such as FOX have immediately responded to his extreme claims about climate change with opposition. They know that his films and other media are politically motivated and have functioned to scare the population into joining his side.  If we could only take environmentalism out of the political realm, perhaps more people would be willing to have intelligent debates about the real scientific and ecological issues at hand.

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    I agree to some degree with the person above. I think Al Gore had good intentions when he set out to raise awareness about the issue, and felt he would be a good image for climate change because he had a household name. However, I think his rationalization backfired in the sense that there are many people who dismissed what he had to say based soley on his background as a democratic politician. Politics are extremely polarizing, and there are many people who don’t care to listen to anything a person on the opposite end of the political spectrum have to say, no matter how much sense it makes or how important of an issue it is. I think the Inconvenient Truth film, presentations, and book all would have been much more effective and would have had a wider, more responsive audience if a neutral, or even unknown name had been attached to them.

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    I agree with both opinions; his rationalization of the issue definitely did not work in his favor. To bring up an issue while also representing a certain political party does not help because opponents will just believe you are trying to get more support for your own issues. I believe that his contributions such as his writings and An Inconvenient Truth were very effective; I actually became much more interested on climate change due to this documentary. Overall, I believe Al gore had good intentions, but they truly did not work in favor of what he probably hoped would happen. It is becoming a larger issue now, with most countries trying to create a sustainable lifestyle, so maybe attempting to address climate change at the time Gore did was not the best of times to do so.

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