Do you think that Al Gore is good or bad for the green movement?



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    Any answer to this is strictly opinionated. Personally, I think he does more good for the green movement than harm. He seems to be extremely passionate about the environment, and has a lot of knowledge on the topic. He is well-known and a good public speaker, which helps the movement gain awareness and recognition. 

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    Abby11223 is right in that opinions on this will vary, but I’d say what he has done for the green movement has been outstanding. When you look at his track record in politics, name recognition, and public speaking ability, he is one of the most important voices to the movement. Plus, the sheer scope of the audience that An Inconvenient Truth reached is something that cannot be overlooked, just for its ability to spread knowledge to those in the dark and challenge skeptics. 

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    Personally, I think he benefited the movement because he brought so much publicity and inspired more politicians to become involved and shift their focus to the environment. 

    If you’re interested, here’s a blog entry discussing this topic:

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    I’m thankful that a public – and political – figure has championed the cause of environmental issues. He’s been persistent, and the facts he conveys are rooted in actual science. I’d definitely consider his influence to be overwhelmingly positive; some people find him a bit grating but that’s not unexpected.

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