Do you think that Africa could become a United Continent?



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    I hope that one day Africa will become a united continent. However, it looks like this is very far away in the future and will take much work. The governments and people are very different among countries and a lot of disagrees happen when countries attempt to communicate.

    All countries will have to make the decision to try to become united. Then meeting will have to work on a compromise among everyone that allows them to agree on important issues.

    Only then will Africa move towards being united.

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    I truly hope that Africa will become a united continent.  They have every resource that could allow for them to become the most powerful continent in the world.  Unfortunately, centuries of being conquered and mistreated have put Africa in quite a downward spiral.  It is going to take something incredibly drastic to wipe out the corruption and greed that currently exists.  It’s an incredibly sad situation because every person in Africa could have plenty of money, medicine, food, and water.  Honestly much of the problem is with the exploitation by the Western world.  If those at the top were not encouraged, the same issues would not exist.

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    I, like the other people in this thread, hope that Africa can become a united continent.  The main problem is that colonialism uprooted countless people from their homeland, forever causing heated strife over land boundaries.  This has been the source of much of the civil wars and wide-spread conflict across Africa.  Few territorial boundaries that were established by the colonists have changed since the 15th century.  The African continent has long been exploited for its natural resources and labor — until Africa can become truly autonomous, hopes for a united continent are slim. 

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    I do not think so, but I sure hope so. African countries have been divided not along ethnic lines, but carved out based upon European nations. This has caused the numerous genocides due to ethnic fighting. Africa is way too diverse at this moment to become united, just as Europe also–even though it is become tighter. Uniting Africa would give them much more political, economic, and military strength in the world. 

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