Do you think that the 21st century will be good or bad for the environment?



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    Starting off, I think it will be rather detrimental to the environment, but once progress is made and renewable technology is embraced; I think it will be good for the environment. It’ll at least be better for it than the 20th century was.

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    Well, right now it’s safe to say that it is bad for the environment and it is getting worse, but there is really no telling what we can accomplish if we put our heads and our hearts together and solve the problems of pollution, waste, and inefficiency.  I think by 2020 we will have made significant strides in securing an stable environmental future for the world. This is a global issue — everyone is effected and everyone needs to work together to stop it — we will see what the future holds as far as unity and balance are concerned. If we can come together and really draft an international law code for environmental stewardship, the 21st century might end up being the best century the world has ever seen as far as ensuring a safe, clean world in which to live. We need peace, we need to conserve, we need change; it’s whether or not people realize these truths and make the necessary adjustments to our lifestyles (and investment in new, more efficient, green and less wasteful infrastructure!). I believe we can have success, because by nature, we are good and intelligent… so it’s more a question of how soon can we push ourselves in the right direction? Will it happen before 2099? I HOPE SO!

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