do you think copenhagen was a flop?

If so, what was so bad about it?



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    I think that Copenhagen was a huge flop.  It seemed as though developed countries were more in a mood to accept the fact that climate change was going to occur because many of them are not severally impacted by the changing climates.  The under developed nations succeeded in getting money to adapt to climate change. Also plan against deforestation was a successes but it was too, little too late.  The 80% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2050 was dropped, a task that can be obtained with only a small sacrifice from developed nations.  The technologies are there but just need to be implemented and developed a little bit further.  Leaders were unable to sacrifice only some of their growth in order for the success of the future and developing nations.  As of right now, there are no emission commitments by developed countries that help the world reach the goal of keeping climate change to 2 degrees Celsius.  The only thing in place is an outline with no legally binding circumstances.  The only emissions deal in place currently is the voluntary action plan in which it is up to each individual country to lower its own emissions.  This deal is no different then before.  

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